Ojai Real Estate, First Time Home-Buyers

The Value of First Time Home-Buyer

First time home-buyers to the Ojai real estate market compares to exercise to the body. The market’s economic well-being and drive depends on the first-time buyers. Here is the value: Most begin with a starter home, they upgrade to a three bedroom, move up to four bedroom, then reach the executive buying power, and many times they downsize in their later retirement years. To be conservative, the average first-time home-buyer is involved in 3 purchases and 2 sales, or 5 transactions.

The graph below depicts the home affordability percentages and its changes over the years in Ventura county which includes Ojai real estates as well. The numbers are great news for the first-time buyers.


The numbers for 2012 will be reported by Ventura County soon. But based on our observation of the activity on the Ojai real estate market, and the fact that real estate mortgage rates are at all times lows still, the affordability index should be very similar to the graph above.

Buying Real Estate in Ojai Can Be Intimidating

Many first-time buyers report feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by the home buying process and naturally EVERYBODY gives them advise. Thus, as agents we understand the extra care, service, and time spend with new market clients is crucial and appreciated.

So the Ojai real estate professional they hire should be eager to listen to them, help them with their best interest in mind at all times, and educate them as a guide. AND equally important is the Lender with the same qualities. We spend many extra hours with our clients to educate them and help them feel a bit more confident and comfortable through the transaction. To recap, the agent and lender a first-time buyers interviews should have the following attributes:

Accurate Information of Ojai Real Estate

Product Awareness and Knowledge

Professional Care & Service


OH, WAS IT MENTIONED…. Service and Counsel is FREE!

If buyers decide to proceed and purchase a home, then the seller will compensate the agent and the loan originator compensates the lender!!
But as professionals we know that extra work and good work is always rewarded. If home buyers feel good by the end of the purchase they will certainly tell their friends and family and sales proceed from good and honest service.
So don’t be afraid to interview agents, don’t be afraid to ask, and make sure your gut feeling agrees with your head when you choose your agents. We hope to be concidered for the interview to serve your Ojai real estate needs.

Our beautiful Ojai community has so much to offer; art and musical entertainment, natural beauty and excitement, activities from coast to mountain, and relaxation to healthy living, all stretched over variety of lifestyles, from country ranches, estates, gated communities and single family residents of all sizes and makes. For more information about different areas in Ojai Click Here

Ventura shares many such attributes also, with easy commuting possibilities to north, south, or east. With the beach always being just a few miles away this thriving community holds it’s charm and desirability. Coastal communities usually remain the strongest and are least effected by economic downturns which makes for good investments. For more insight on Ventura Click Here.